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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Song Of The Day: Germany 1984

You can ask singers what would be the ideal way of warming up for an event like the Eurovision Song Contest and you would get very different answers. Some might want peace and quiet, some might like time with their vocal coach, some might need to sleep extra much, some might need to excercise to get the surplus energy out of the system.

However, I doubt very much that anyone's favourite way of spending the day leading up to Eurovision having your love life falling apart in a very public way, receiving very bad personal news in a matter of hours before the live show.

That is what happened to Mary Roos at her ESC comeback, twelve years after scoring a third place in 1972.

Suddenly, the well crafted lyrics - dealing with how to survive a painful separation with your dignity in tact - came a little bit too close and on the night Mary's voice came close to cracking a few times.

The juries probably thought it was a shame that she didn't sing as well as in rehearsals, leaving her in an insultingly pale shared 13th place. For me, the sudden emotion makes the performance even better, even braver, even more gripping.

Today, Mary is still a very loved singer in Germany. She deserves every single drop of love she can get.

Mary Roos - Aufrecht geh'n (Germany 1984)

1 comment:

  1. i love the lyrics of the song, and it deserved more then 13th place.
    And it was fun to see her in German Jury back in Oslo 2010, and we know what happened there for Germany ;)