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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ESC rejects: Croatia 1994

Croatia had made its eurovision debut in capacity of their own country the year before, and the national television company worked hard on turning the national final into an event of real importance, a contest with a real impact on domestic pop culture.

An impressive amount of local pop stars turned up, eager to represent their new country in Dublin, and the crisis that eurovision went through in most territories at this time was nowhere to be seen.

For some reason, the regional juries went for a neat and clean-cut little ballad, not likely to stand out or raise any eyebrows anywhere. Surprising, giving how badly HRT wanted to score well internationally.

The song that obviously would have left a mark in the running order in these times of heartfelt ballads is the entry of Nina Badrić, which would have been almost aggressively updated and modern at that time. If we pretend that it would have been given a better choreography and that it wouldn't have been slaughtered by the Irish orchestra, Nina could probably have created a little bit of a sensation in Dublin.

The song only made it to tenth place out of twenty-one entries in the national final, but I believe it turned out to be the disco hit eurovision would have needed so badly back then.

Nina Badrić - Godine nestvarne (Croatia NF 1994)

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