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Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7: D-Family

Most participating countries will have periods of time when they struggle to make an impact on the international final. Latvia flunked in six consecutive semi finals, something that would make most people lose their temper and throw in the towel.

In Latvia, what went wrong was mainly two things in cooperation: an obvious inability to choose the right song as well as the lack of someone who could step in and organise things.

This song sort of proves both points as it is clearly better - as a composition - than the song Latvia eventually sent to Düsseldorf. Catchy and with clear handles in the chorus. Perhaps not an obvious qualifier, but it would have had a chance at least.

However, someone with a good eye for details would have had to step in, execute some good choreography, tell the singer not to do so much wailing and perhaps to rewrite the odd line in the lyrics. Very easily this good song could have been improved further.

And what a good move to have a brass-based song as a contrast to the abundance of violins we had in recent times.

D-Family / Daylight (Latvia NF 2011)

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