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Friday, December 11, 2015

December 11: Wenche Myhre

Sometimes in the world of Eurovision you get something thrown at you and realise you just can't defend yourself. Even if you intellectually know something is a cheap trick or plain ridiculous you find yourself melting like butter would in sunshine.

Wenche and her boys dance onto the colourful stage of Oslo Spektrum and I am sold from the word go. From the first second to the last I'm firmly rooted in my happy place.

This is so sparkling and happy and uncomplicated, instantly likeable and adorable. Not even the excessive use of Indian feathers - enough to make Joan Franka blush - is enough to dampen my mood.

Not sure how well the package would have worked in Malmö but that's another problem. How could this not beat Visjoner? Most puzzling.

Wenche Myhre / Du skal få din dag i morgen (Norway NF 1992)

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