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Friday, December 4, 2015

December 4: Pastellerna

Sometimes it is just better to keep things simple and not to complicate things. In a celebration of this way of life, December 4 will highlight how pretty things can be when kept simple.

Not that this entry necessarily qualifies as "pretty". You will understand what I mean. They look like the dansband that they are even if they dressed up a bit for the occasion.

The pretty part is the song in itself. Understated but very melodic and with the kind of key change all songs should have at some point.

Pastellerna were quite popular back in the day with quite a few hit singles to their name. As the group took an extended break in 1982, three of its members teamed up with songwriter Monica Forsberg to form the group Ritz (Melodifestivalen 1983 and 1985) instead.

Pastellerna - Idag är det vår (Sweden NF 1978)

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