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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15: Vivian & Gry

You could say an awful lot about Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest but I think we could safely state that being particularly progressive never were their thing.

The average Danish entry is easily accessible, understandable and familiar. Only on very few occasions did they offer us the unexpected or surprising and not always with the best outcome.

In 1985, the regional juries thought it best to repeat the winning formula from the year before and sent Hot Eyes across the water to Gothenburg with another pleasant and safe song. I always liked that one and won't bash it.

But the obvious one for me in the 1985 Danish final is this smashing mother-daughter act. Gry was a well-established star and had already represented Denmark two years earlier, while mother Vivian had tried to win national heats since before Gry was born.

Surprisingly edgy to come out of a mid-1980's Danish final, complete with a pretty avantgarde dance routine. I would give anything to know what the international juries would have made of this one.

Vivian & Gry / Vi ska leve (Denmark NF 1985)


  1. Catchy and not bad at all. One thing bothers me in this (and in another mother daughter Eurovision act from Germany in 1988) is that the focus is almost all the time in the daughter while the mother is very much sidelined. A couple of lines for Vivian to sing and few close ups by the camera would have made this a much more balanced performance and saved me from writing this comment.

  2. Dear Erik, I hadn't written a worthy reading comment since Austria 1981 but I fell in love with this pink and blue diamond! What a contemporary entry, could have been an amazing answer to Madonna's Dress you Up, only with better vocals! And the dance-oh! the Dance! (applause!!!)
    Really love what you have done with the xmas calendar (so many amazing songs like Liquid Gold, which i had no idea for). Just found out the Melodifestivalen one as well, will keep on commenting ;-)

  3. ...still, after almost a year and I haven't grown tired of it, rather I LOVE it! Was wondering if there is any link you could suggest with the lyrics of this song?