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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tobson Ranking: #38 Croatia

If you absolutely need to use a gimmick, use a gimmick. If you feel the need to use three gimmicks, then you have a problem.

Daria Kinzer - Celebrate (Croatia 2011)

The basic rule goes like this: if you believe in your song, you don't have to invent distractions to take the audience's focus away from the thing you are singing.

The Croatian song was written in order to suit two different performers and was a pretty anonymous song to start with. The disastrous re-write in English only did things even worse.

The final kiss of death was the introduction of a "show element" - a Willy Wonka look-alike magician, whose main occupation is looking creepy and assisting with not just the one, but two rather awkward dress changes.

A desperate attempt to amuse the masses when there was no song to be found. I hope Croatia has learned their lesson and will go back to relying on choruses again, like they did in the 90's.

My grade: 1 / 5


  1. I hate everything about this - the only decent thing about the Croatian song this year is when it finished and went away.

  2. hahhahahah this entry made me laugh out loud! :) I completely agree with every single word! And we had to listed to it wayyyyy too often, as it was the entry before Iceland on stage, so we had to sit there and watch it again and again and again while waiting for our rehearsal to begin! nearly lost my will to live..