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Friday, June 10, 2011

Notable lyrics: Greece 1983

Just to be very precise... It took me years to figure this song out. I used to find it dull and difficult. I couldn't make head nor tails of it and thought it was one of the weakest entries ever sent in by Greece.

Christie Stassinopoulou - Mou les (Greece 1983)

It wasn't until I heard the cover version featured on the Euro-Revisions album (which I can heartly recommend - available on Spotify) that I was really blown away.

These days, this is one of my all-time favourite ESC tracks - delicate, tender and seriously melodic.

But one thing that always impressed me - long before I saw the light from a musical point of view - are the lyrics. A low-key lament from the insecure, a lullaby for everyone with low self esteem.

You tell me about the sea and the ships, about everything you have seen and experienced. And instead of feeling special when you decide to share this with me, I panic in fear that these wonderful memories will make you long back to old times and realise how dull and insignificant I really am.

So I will close all ports and all stations, and I will lock your heart in a cage, so you can't wander away from me.

Who can't relate to that feeling? The notion that as soon as our loved ones realise how unspectacular we really are, they won't love us anymore.

Christie sings for everyone who ever felt like that, and at least my heart melts.

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