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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Memories from Düsseldorf

As keen followers of this blog will already know, I was sent to Düsseldorf by Svenska Yle (the Swedish-languaged branch of the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation) in order to cover the ESC from every thinkable aspect.

I have been around before, this was my eighth Eurovision that I visited, but the whole thing was rather overwhelming.

Fun, absolutely one of the best jobs you can have under the sun, but I was left with so many new impressions and ideas and impulses that it has taken a while to wind down afterwards.

For instance, I have not since a single one of the Düsseldorf broadcasts through. Too demanding. And they are still too present to be enjoyable. I like them better when they play in my head.

But slowly, I will start doing my slight summary of this year's contest. And I will rank all the songs according to how I like them now, when all is said and done and every single point has been counted.

Before that, though, I'd like to share some Düsseldorf nostalgia with you all. Among many other things, I spent my ten days at Eurovision making small web-tv clips that I'd love to share with you here.

Düsseldorf in rewind!

Paradise Oskar arrives at the welcome party

Paradise Oskar mingles with the other delegations at the welcome party

Paradise Oskar on a cruise with the Finnish press

Paradise Oskar sings Germany's eurosong from 2007 as well as his own song

All the clips I made can be seen on our YouTube channel here and they can hopefully entertain one or two of you before my Ddorf analysis begins.

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  1. erm..yep you can't beat Paradise Oskar. I mean how long had it been since we had a charming young gentleman represent a nordic country in the esc.
    I was so overwelmed with him, his song, his music that I just had to go & meet him & watch one of his performances early this year in his home country of Finland. Which I did of course.
    It was almost like a drug that took control -safe to say it has now worn off. It's enjoyable to watch him on tv although I don't understand a word - I think that's what makes it more amusing & fun.