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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sergej sings his heart out

Montenegro presented their song for Copenhagen and knowing Sergej Ćetković has quite a following also in other parts of former Yugoslavia there was a certain sense of expectation connected to this entry.

It seems Montenegro let their fans down as most voices on Twitter seemed truly underwhelmed by what they were served. I decided to have a look for myself.

Supposing Montenegro is in the ESC mainly in order to market themselves as a splendid tourist destination, the preview clip is a bullseye. Beautifully filmed in breathtaking sceneries, the only real downside being a certain amount of heteronormativity, it accompanies the song really nicely.

The song is your typical Balkan ballad featuring the famous flute as well as a smoothing male vocal full of longing and restrained passion. Not bad at all if you are into that sort of thing.

All in all very much a male version of An me thimase, last year's Cypriot entry. Melodic, pleasant, well sung and fairly unlikely to pick up any larger points from any direction.

Sergej Ćetković - Moj svijet (Montenegro 2014)


  1. I'd hardly compare it to Cyprus last year. Despina had a very dull, lifeless ballad with zero impact. This is more in the Zeljko form, and will do far better for it. Probably the best song so far at this year's contest.

  2. One of my favourites this year. A beautiful Balkan ballad, charming language, atmosphere, lovely flute and violin sounds with nice video. I go back to the memories of childhood. I also remember trips to Yugoslavia in my youth. Very emotional piece of music.

    I am very proud of Montenegro, a tiny country that gives us fantastic music:)
    I also liked Igranka and Euro Neuro.