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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Semi 1: 03 Estonia

If the running order makes Armenia no favours it is even worse for Estonia and could possibly cost them a spot in the final no matter how much Tanja would deserve it.

Tanja - Amazing (Estonia 2014)

Even if it would be easy to label this song as merely a Euphoria-lite it still remains a very ambitious entry with a polished and impressive stage performance by Tanja who dances like her life depended on it and yet doesn't miss a single note.

Had Estonia had better luck and found themselves in the last half of this semi there would be no doubt in my mind that Amazing would sail smoothly into the final, but now I'm far from sure. Will it leave an impression that is strong enough to make the viewers at home pick up their phones thirteen songs later?

Hopefully. It would be well deserved. But success comes to the people who impress the viewers, not necessarily to the people who deserve it.

My grade: 3/5

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