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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fingers crossed for Slovenia

It was so close that we wouldn't have Slovenia present in Copenhagen, but in a surprise move they decided not only to participate but also to organise a national final.

That's an unexpected twist, but I am genuinely happy to have Slovenia in the competition. I have always been very fond of their entries even if they, like an ex-Yugoslav equivalent of Finland, have a hard time getting anyone to vote for them.

I haven't listened to the songs for tonight's EMA but wish them the best of luck. Also very much like Finland, they have been notorious for not selecting the best songs on offer through the years, but that is no excuse for not getting it right this time.

I'm hoping for a song that could make it into the final again, but in my book it is still worth more being good than being successful. Like their first ever entry - possibly still my favourite Slovenian entry - which was melodic, original, colourful and scored a grand total of nine points.

1 X Band - Tih deževen dan (Slovenia 1993)

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  1. This is one of my favourite ESC songs.
    Thanks a lot for mentioning it.