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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Melodifestivalen: who gets a second chance?

Andra Chansen used to be that calmer week of Melodifestivalen where two lucky losers won the chance of further exposure in the final. Less important than the other weeks by far, and a well-needed break between the semis and the suspense of the big final.

Then last year Robin Stjernberg turned everything upside down, proving also a song from the second chance round is capable of winning. The big question is if the same thing will happen again. Will it happen this year?

No. Most probably it won't. That kind of thing will probably happen about once every tenth year or so also in the future.

But the songs selected tonight could turn the dynamics of the final upside down and in that respect Andra Chansen is far from unimportant.

So how will it go, then? In the first round, four of the eight songs will be voted off the show. I think and hope those four will be Ammotrack, State of Drama, Ellinore Holmer and Linus Svenning.

After that you can never know. The song in first place will battle the song in fourth place while the song in second place battles the one in third. But I'd prefer Helena Paparizou and JEM in the final. I could definitely live with Outtrigger as well while Martin Stenmarck would be dull.

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