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Saturday, May 13, 2017

ESC and Cyber Attacks

Just one little thought. One that's been spinning in the back of my head and that is a real party pooper. In the light of recent cyber attacks in Europe - attacks that have infected computers with ransomware, exhausted health services and weakened the telephone services in several countries - what is the EBU plan to counter cyber interference?

Attacking the Eurovision Song Contest seems like the kind of thing cyber terrorists wouldn't do, but most of the traces point towards Russia and there could be an intention to make Ukraine look vulnerable or ridiculous in front of the entire world.

Even if an attack was not aimed at the actual contest, it could very much affect the televote. In how many countries can the televote fail before anyone questions the result? Especially if it would be as tight a race as last year?

Let's just hope that all goes well tonight and that the EBU have a good plan for what to do in case it doesn't.

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