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Friday, May 12, 2017

ESC 2017: Tobson's thoughts after semi 2

Seven out of ten is not a great result, which ever way you twist and turn. But I insist that the second semi was really tricky to predict and my guess is that it was tight between many songs, fighting it out for the last spots in the final.

So where did I go wrong? I predicted Croatia and Netherlands in the final even though I really don't care for either one of them. I thought Ireland would beat Austria but it ended up the other way around. Then I thought Denmark and Norway would both be out.

I admit that predicting FYR Macedonia was wishful thinking all along. They are probably the reigning champions of ruining their songs on stage. This performance was better than their average but not good enough.

I had a bad feeling about Estonia as we were watching the performance. It felt too cold, too calculated and too disconnected. I still thought the song would be enough and my jaw fell a bit.

Overall the lack of successful staging seems to be a running theme this year. The final will be full of tasteful numbers that are nice but forgettable. Let's hope our eventual winner will be full of personality, colour and movement. That's what I want more of for next year.

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