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Saturday, May 13, 2017

ESC 2017: And the winner is...

In a couple of hours, the whole Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be over. So. Who is our winner? What looked crystal clear only a week ago is now a hornet's nest full of possibilities.

Three songs have emerged as major favourites to win but there are a couple we are clearly forgetting about. Who could do a Jamala this year and emerge as a somewhat surprise winner? Here are tonight's potential winners and why they will stand there with the trophy in the end.

He is young and incredibly talented. Kristian Kostov could very well be at the beginning of a very promising international career, given he has the right material and the right management. Wouldn't it be wonderful adding a Slavic male Celine to the list of winners?

Ten years after Molitva, maybe it would be time for another moving and personable winner in a native language? Salvador Sobral could use his victory to fully break onto the international jazz market.

Still the most probable winner. Three months of being the huge favourite does mean something. If Gabbani could only keep his cool, this victory could mean a new spring from pop in Italian on european charts. Frankly, if they lose victory just because he can't keep his lid on I will be furious. Be warned.

Singing last has not been a blessing lately as the audience will be tired and not particularly open for more songs, but if France could come across as playful and fresh at the end it could do surprisingly well. If there is a big difference in taste between the viewers and the jurors, France could sneak up. But how far up?

Blanche's shaky performance in the semi final seems not to have affected the large audience and "City Light" remains one of the favourites. Reportedly the young singer sang a lot better during Friday's jury final and maybe this could be a real surprise in the end.

Picture it: Europe gets really tired ears after a row of polite and well-written and ordinary entries and long for something silly and unusual. They get yodel and rap thrown in their face and go beserk and the yodel revolution starts. You are now officially warned.

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