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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nobody can smile like Paola

I'll be brutally honest with you. I don't think Sebalter from Switzerland will have the shadow of a chance in his semi final in Copenhagen. Perhaps he is cute, perhaps the violin makes him stand out, perhaps the whistle is a clever hook. I even heard someone say he could qualify because he has such a nice smile.

Dear people - his smile is nice but when it comes to smiling widely and beautifully no Swiss person will ever get close to beating Paola del Medico, who beamed like Mother Sun from the Eurovision stage twice.

Paola - Bonjour bonjour (Switzerland 1969)

If you are not really to believe Paola is truly happy to see you during this cheerful greeting set to music, then you won't believe many things in this world. The wide smile and the cheerfulness turned into Paola's special trademark and when she came back to represent Switzerland a second time eleven years later she had fine-tuned her art into perfection.

Paola - Cinéma (Switzerland 1980)

I can hardly imagine how a song could be bouncier than this and Paola made it into an honourable fourth place out of nineteen countries. As her singing career faded a bit, her winning personality made its way into television instead where she for many years presented light-hearted entertainment shows together with her husband Kurt Felix.

She also made two attempts at representing Germany at Eurovision - in 1979, she made it to third place with the elegant Vogel der Nacht and in 1982 she was the only one giving Nicole a real run for her money in the national heat. But perhaps Peter Pan would have been a bit too bouncy, sweet and smiley even for Eurovision?

Paola - Peter Pan (Germany NF 1982)

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