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Saturday, May 12, 2012

What if Finland sent Anna Abreu?

Finland launched a new selection format for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in order to attract new talent and launch hit songs onto the domestic market rather than find any typical eurosongs.

Not a bad idea, that is one way to go when the old selection format feels a bit tired.

The other way to go would be what most of the former Yugoslav republics have been doing this year: scrap the national final altogether and call a firmly established star to do the job for you.

The Call A Star-formula also has its flaws. It is not sure that an established act will take any advice on what kind of song to enter and then you end up with something artistic but not too hit-friendly.

I just play with the idea what might happen if Yle would make use of this very idea, maybe by calling the interval act of the 2012 Finnish selection Anna Abreu? Anna was discovered through the local Idols-competition but has grown into a full-fledged star with her very own expression and temper, in addition to be one of very few singers that get away with singing in English in Finland.

Her regular output would be modern and yet catchy enough to work well at Eurovision and given her back catalogue, she could easily embark on an international career using the ESC as spring board.

At this point, the UMK (Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu) is very likely to be used again for 2013 but I still feel the Abreu prospect could be most interesting in many ways.

Anna Abreu - Stereo

Anna Abreu - Ivory Tower

Anna Abreu - Vinegar

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