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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So, who is YOUR favourite, then...?

That was it - the heavy task of ranking and reviewing the Eurovision entries of 2011, for your pleasure and amusement, is over.

I have bared my soul and told you what I like, what I like less, and why I feel this way about every single song.

But what do you think, dear readers?

If you ranked all the songs, who would be your number one? The topping on your cake? Your special pearl of the year?

Please take the time to write me a comment - who is your personal winner and why. I'd be very happy if you did.


  1. Thanks for brilliant comments. Of course I disagree in many (but not that many) points. I was lucky to watch ESC in the company of an English native speaker and he taught me the meaning of "smug" in the example of Finland. And putting Kati (who effectively murdered an otherwise benign song) into fourth place - that could be expected from someone who likes YU76:-)))

  2. I am a copy cat and am counting down myself. I think there was a distinct bias towards Finland (I wonder why), but thats okay. I see the 'Germany as art' angle and agree with it.

    Everyone will agree in parts and not others - Bosnia is not in my top ten, and France is not going to be in the stratosphere. Moldova made your top 10; for me it is rated in the 40s. Ho hum

  3. Agree when it comes to Germany. Fantastic song and performance, Hungary would be my number two... let down by a terrible stage show. I actually think Kati is ok in the final, but could have done with more movement to "distract" from the vocals...
    And as for Finland, well, you know how I feel about that one... :)

  4. Slovenia, beacause it was amazing!

  5. My favorite was Ireland, second Finland :) The atmosphere in the stadium was amazing when he came on stage in the final, something I'll never forget. And just a very feel-good song and Axel is just so likeable!! My third favorite is probably Hungary. Not the staging though, of course.

  6. for me it is really tough to judge
    because some songs i really like on my i-pod didn´t deliver on stage
    and other songs i used to skip on the i-pod totally impressed at the Grand-Final.
    For me Germany was the best, just impressive, totally different from all what we have seen on ESC-Stage before, Avantgardesque and how ESC should be.

    my #2 is really tough.
    but i thing Bosnia would be my #2
    i know it´s a bit old-fashioned, but i liked it and they delivered on stage.

    my #3 is maybe Ireland, full of Energy and crazy
    #4 Hungary, but the live performence wasn´t impressive

    to rank the other songs is really impossible for me.
    Greece as example - just stunning on stage
    Russia - just dissapointing on stage
    Spain - brought a amazing atmosphere to the Venue, the whole Venue was singing along, just nice