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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Schlager of the day: Nya illusioner

These days, I am not the biggest fan of the pop schlager as phenomenon. I want the world to go on and I want the ESC to incorporate new styles, representative of the times we live in rather than the past.

But schlager through the years makes me nostalgic and happy.

And one that pops up fairly regularly in my head is this forgotten pearl from the 1987 Melodifestival held in Gothenburg. Annica Jonsson was the hopeful debutant at the microphone, who finally had her chance in the spotlight.

Annika had tried at least once before, but in 1985 her entry "Stjärnljus" was rejected by the committee.

Maybe she didn't quite believe in the song, maybe she didn't really want to be a singer, but Annika displays quite a lack of focus when it is her turn and she sings the wrong lyrics at least twice throughout the song. She didn't qualify for the super final and the song was pretty instantly forgotten.

But I still love it. Chirpy, upbeat, classical. My schlager of the day.

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