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Monday, January 31, 2011

Portuguese Spice of the 80's

One of my all-time favourite Portuguese entries to Eurovision (and there are a few - Portugal is one of those countries who, in my humble opinion, would often deserve so much more than they get) is "Bem Bom" - the incredibly catchy party stomper of a song from 1982.

Doce - Bem Bom (Portugal 1982)

Doce, consisting of Fá, Teresa, Lena and Laura, was one of the country's top pop acts in the early 80's.

They had formed in 1979 and had quite some experience of showbiz already. One of the girls came close to being elected Miss World one year, two of them had already represented Portugal at Eurovision as part of Gemini.

Gemini - Dai-li-dou (Portugal 1978)

In the still pretty newly liberated Portugal, freed from dictatorship as late as in 1974, Doce must really have been a breath of fresh air. Four colourful young ladies, energetic, fearless and fun, who took the audience by storm and sold somewhere around 250,000 copies until now.

Doce also recorded a couple of songs in English, but no source can tell how serious their attempt was to break into international market. One thing is very clear: their concept, slightly updated, was considered a world sensation in 1996 when it was used to put together a certain girl band called Spice Girls.

In total, Doce performed four times in the Portuguese selection, Festival RTP da Canção, and here are all four occasions - just to celebrate one of the grand girl groups of Eurovision.

Doce - Doce (Portugal NF 1980)

Doce - Ali-Bábá (Portugal NF 1981)

Doce - Bem Bom (Portugal 1982)

Doce - O Barquinho Da Esperança (Portugal NF 1984)

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