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Friday, May 11, 2018

The joy if being wrong - semi 2 summed up

Again I got eight out of ten finalists nailed. Had I been a bit braver, I could have had nine. I really wanted Slovenia to make it but really did not think it would happen. Sometimes it feels very good to be wrong. 

Sometimes it feels very good to be right as well. Russia had to fail this time. Terrible staging of a poor song, performed by someone who was more of a token than a singer. It had to happen. I thought Romania would qualify but the fact they didn’t is not a bad thing for the contest. The fewer things the audience feels sure about, the better.

I’m sorry about Latvia and above all Georgia missing the final - and don’t understand anything about Serbia making it - but overall this semi had a happy ending. It needed one. After Tuesday’s first battle, the general level this time felt alamingly low.

In a perfect world, we should have had 13 or so qualifiers from semi one and some seven from number two.

Hoping for a good running order that will make the final stunning. And let’s hope our Portuguese hosts step up their game and lose a few of the ”humourous” inserts. Please.

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  1. So Tobson, now everything is in place.... who's going to win?! Italy are my pick, it just stands out so much in this field, watching the performance the quality and message of the song really shines through. The performers are excellent.