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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Some surprises and just desserts - Semi 1 summed up

In the strongest semi final we've seen in many a good day it was obvious there would be a few surprises in store. So many songs had massive fan support and there just wasn't room for all of them in the ten envelopes.

I got eight out of ten finalists right and I am totally satisfied with that. I am even more satisfied with the fact that the two entries messing up my track record - Albania and Lithuania - both are songs I feel a great deal for and that I am genuinely happy to see successful.

As for my two qualifiers that failed to make it I still find Armenia to be a nifty little etno ballad with that nice local flavour. It's a shame that a usually successful country suddenly flops the first time they opt to sing in their own language.

I have held Belgium as a personal favourite - and potential winner - throughout the season but suddenly Sennek was ripping her own chances apart with both hands using full strength. A complete lack of staging left the song in ruins. Just like with FYR Macedonia last year, I will from now on pretend the live performance never happened, never watch it again and just focus on the studio version.

Azerbaijan missed the final for the first time. It should have happened already in 2016 but this time they didn't manage to wriggle their way in. Their complete lack of effort made this non-qualification truly deserved.

Azerbaijan's failure opens up other possibilities too. Suddenly anyone can fail and this could mean Russia will have a nervous night come Thursday.

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  1. Funny, but I didn't see anything wrong in Sennek's performance. To me she was captivating, sang perfectly and even camera angles worked for her. This is an example of a perfect song that works even without the fireworks and other extra ingredients. So sad that this wasn't enough.