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Friday, January 31, 2014

Switzerland: atrocious but efficient

Switzerland selects its entry for Copenhagen this weekend. The line-up consists of six songs, most of which are very typical Swiss eurovision entries. And that is unfortunately not a compliment.

The Swiss often go for very inoffensive little songs, sung by polite performers who are all very careful as not to upset or disturb anyone. That's how you get forgotten really easily. So I am about to give the Swiss a piece of advice I never thought I would give a number of weeks ago, when I heard the songs for the first time.

When I first heard Together Forever by 3 For All, I couldn't believe my ears. It was so stupidly cheerful and aggressively optimistic and happy that I lost my breath and decided I never wanted to hear it again.

And then it kept playing in my head. And when I listened to it again, it is still stupidly cheerful and aggressively optimistic but also catchy. And a bit tongue in cheek. And a bit funny. Atrocious but efficient.

If the group can keep the same approach on stage and not be too serious about their "save-the-world"-lyrics, this could be quite a fun little number in Copenhagen.

PS! If you select Yasmina Hunzinger with her well-sung but dull-as-dishwater ballad, you are toast.

3 For All - Together Forever (Switzerland NF 2014)

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