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Friday, January 10, 2014

Belarus 2014: Cheesecake for Everybody

Belarus just held their national final for Copenhagen, and keen Eurovision fans know what that means. Exactly, it means nothing. Nothing what-so-ever.

More often than not, the winning song gets replaced some time after the final anyway. If the winning performer is really unlucky, he or she will soon be history as well. Anyone can be replaced and is likely to be.

But if we play with the idea of Belarus actually sending their national final winner off to the ESC?

If this would happen, my first reaction is positive. "Cheesecake" is a wacko title. Seriously wacko. The lyrics are… creative. But the song in itself is quite catchy. A little bit original. And TEO is likeable.

In the unlikely event of this being present in Copenhagen, it would be my favourite Belarusian entry in a long time. Not that it takes a lot, but still.

TEO - Cheesecake (Belarus 2014 - at least for now)

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