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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Preview clip: Luxembourg 1984

After winning the ESC for a fifth time in 1983, Luxembourg decided to have Sophie Carle represent them on home ground in Theâtre Municipal.

Sophie was, unlike most singers representing the Grand Duchy, actually born in Luxembourg, and was more experienced as a model at the time of the contest.

RTL had provided pretty basic eurovision previews until this moment, but by 1984 a hit song needed a professional video clip in order to sell itself. Sophie was given a stylish, modern clip, showcasing quite a lot of the same technology later used in the postcards during the ESC final.

Sophie Carle - 100 % d'amour (Luxembourg 1984 preview)

RTL probably thought they had a potential hit on their hands, and it could have been one. The sound was very contemporary and the song had a catchy chorus, but unfortunately Sophie Carle's nerves got the better of her.

Apparently she could really sing, but on the night of the final not quite every note hit home. The host nation ended in 10th place and the song was never the hit it would have deserved to be.

Sophie Carle - 100 % d'amour (Luxembourg 1984)

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