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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Semi 2: 07 Portugal

I feel for Portugal.

For many years, Finland and Portugal walked side by side through Eurovision with the shared distinction of having the biggest number of participations without a victory. Since Lordi's victory, Portugal travels down that route alone.

A couple of years ago, it felt like RTP had sorted out a few problems and kept sending solid entries that made it to the final. It felt like it could be a matter of time until they won too. Then they lost it and fell back into semi final hell again.

That could be about to change for the better this year. Not only did the best song win the national final, it has also been given a most welcome facelift since then. It's a simple and straightforward little tune with a good hook, but will it stand out? The risk is that it will feel like a nice little break and be forgotten by the time the phone lines open.

Borderline. As always with Portugal, they need a bit of luck also. But the song is good - I liked it at once and it grew on me ever since.

My grade: 3/5

Leonor Andrade - Há um mar que nos separa (Portugal 2015)

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  1. The petulance of the Portugese peepings palpitate perpetually my patience, but this piece of pie actually feels on point.

    Clearly when it comes to Portugal I can only ever speak in alliteration.