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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Finland: UMK, semi 3

So far it has been a really good year for UMK - new hosts and new production standards managed to breathe new life into the format. Three more songs will get chosen for the big final and the big question if is either of these six candidates can grow into a real contender for victory.

As the running order is kept secret until the show, these reviews come in alphabetical order instead.

Aikuinen / Kyynelten lahti
A quirky brand of pop that Finnish people traditionally had quite a strong liking for. I'm Finnish enough to really enjoy the track while I find the video clip partially unwatchable. Hit or miss depending on the stage presentation - a possible surprise in the making.

Ida Bois / Kumbaya
Starts out promising before developing into yet another pop/dance/synth-based track and what could have been quite an original entry ends up being nothing more than a standard offering.

Järjestyshäiriö / Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla
Last week we all saw what happened to the best song in the running (in short: it was eliminated when it shouldn't have been) but I decided to put my faith in Finland again. A key change or something could have done it some good but still - this is a pretty fine little pop number.

Angelo de Nile / All For Victory
Every wondered what Queen would have sounded like without the genius of Freddie Mercury? Or without the sharp songwriting? Wonder no more. This pretty much answers your question.

Heidi Pakarinen / Bon Voyage
A not too distant relative of the brilliant "Shanghain valot", this one doesn't reach the same dizzy heights but still makes my schlager heart beat a little faster. Classical but classy and I like it. I would love for it to make it to the final but won't believe it until I see it.

Solju / Hold Your Colours
This competition has never been exactly drowned with Sami entries, then suddenly you will have yoik in both Finland and Sweden. At the same time. This one is a bit too calculated - a bit too Disney if you so with - for my taste, but is still likely to hit a nerve with the viewing audience.

Tobson predicts:
So far, I got two out three right every week. So if I am to stick with that formula, I predict Järjestyshäiriö, Ida Bois and Solju to be our qualifiers while I secretly hope for Finland to swap Solju for Heidi Pakarinen. Or even Aikuinen. With a really visual performance, perhaps even Angelo de Nile could look like a qualifier. (But I really hope not.)

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