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Friday, March 29, 2013

Semi 1: 01 Austria

The best part about the running order being sequenced instead of drawn is that we should always have a good opening song. Austria is indeed a good opener.

Natália Kelly - Shine (Austria 2013)

A good opener should provide some tempo, some attitude and a general message to the viewing audience that this is a show worth watching. The Austrian drum based intro should sound promising to most and American-born Natália has a good voice to back it up with.

This entry also sets the tone for what this year's Eurovision Song Contest will sound like. It is bursting full of good and well-produced entries that will sound great on the radio but perhaps not stand out a lot from the rest.

In the Austrian final, Natália delivered vocally but gave a bit of a timid impression. She would need to grow some attitude and confidence in time for Malmö in order to be a real contender. Many songs will be fighting for the attention of the pop audience and for now there are stronger candidates than this one.

No, unless young Natália turns into a firework on stage. It is easy to be forgotten when you sing in first position and this semi final seems very open with quite a few entries fairly similar to this one, but "Shine" would deserve a spot in the final.

My grade: 3/5

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