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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Song Of The Day: Andorra 2004

2004 was an exciting year with no less than four debutant countries in the line-up (well, Serbia-Montenegro had been in it before under Yugoslav flag, but still), including tiny Andorra.

Most people would have expected the small state to be in it just for a laugh, but when the preview clip landed by our feet quite a few people started thinking the Andorrans could be able to pull off something special.

Their selected song sounded modern, radio friendly, catchy and fresh, performed by Marta Roure who oozed with star quality in the clip. This seemed very promising indeed.

Marta Roure - Jugarem a estimar-nos (Andorra 2004 preview clip)

Unfortunately, Andorra's best discipline in the ESC turned out to be over-choreographed busy little numbers that would try to squeeze too many things into the short space of three minutes, leaving very little room for the audience to pay attention to the song in question.

Marta's performance was possibly a bit too out of breath for comfort, but certainly not the least inspired on the night. The non-qualification came as at least half a surprise, but the fact that Andorra had scored in one country alone (neighbour Spain, awarding maximum twelve points) was a real shocker.

After this, Andorra never really got their act going and never reached the final in its six participations despite some good efforts (getting really close only once, in 2007).

I keep my fingers crossed that they will come back one day to achieve the heavy scoring that Marta Roure and the others never got.

Marta Roure - Jugarem a estimar-nos (Andorra 2004)

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  1. I have always loved this song, so sweet.